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2KW Diesel Car Air Parking Heater 12V/24V Manufacturer

KW2.0 Air heater (hereinafter referred to as the heater) is independent to the original engine system, it makes use of 12V or 24V direct current to drive.

Products Specifications:


KW2.0 Air heater (hereinafter referred to as the heater) is independent to the original engine system, it makes use of 12V or 24V direct current to drive. There are two kinds of control mode of the heater: Automatic control mode and Manual control mode. The heater adopts light diesel and gasoline which corresponds to the environmental temperature as fuel, and it can be started and operated normally at the temperature of above -40℃. The inhaled fresh air is heated to hot air through heat exchanger by the energy which comes from fuel burning, then blown to where it is needed. This type of heater owns the advantage of compact structure, light weight, high thermal efficiency, economize on electricity and fuel, easy installation.


●Warm-up, defrost glass

●Heat and keep warm for the followed area:

---Driving cab, cabin

---Cargo hold

---Interior of staff carrier


Technical specification



Heating medium





Fuel consumption(l/h)



Rated voltage(V)

12V / 24V

Low limit of under voltage protection

10.5V / 21.6V

Upper limit of over voltage protection

 15.5V / 30V

Rated consumption(W)


Working temperature(℃)






The structure of hood-shape case

The inner structure of heater

1.Exhaust tube  2.Gasket  3.Combustion pipe  4.Combustor  5.Fuel tube 6.Gasket 7.Combustion supporting fan blades  8.Bracket of fan motor  9.Gasket 10.Combustion supporting air inlet  11.Fan motor  12. Blade wheel of heating fan 13.Intake air temperature sensor  14.Controller  15.Fix screw  16.Fix screw 17.Fix screw  18.Ignitor  sensor

Operation and Control

After the heater is installed, it shall be turned on repeatedly for a few times or fill the fuel route manually, so as to avoid staring failure due to lacking fuel on the fuel route.


1--Controller knob; 2--Switch key of Automatic mode; 3--Switch key of Manual key; 4--Pow off / Function; 5--LCD; 6-- Fuel type; 7--Display area of mode switch; 

8--Current temperature / Display area of fault code;

9--Setting temperature / Display area of power percentage

Note: When the environmental temperature is below 0℃, it will be shown on the LCD in the form of number flashing.

Application field of Air heater

The air heater is not affected by the engine ,and it is supplied for the following vehicles with corresponding power.

●All kinds of auto and trailers.

●Construction machinery

●Agricultural machinery

●Boat, ship, yacht




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